Who We Are

Tomorrow’s Hope is a sex trafficking intervention and prevention ministry of the Transformation Network, a 501(c)(3) ministry focused on bringing transformation through prayer and acts and of justice. In 2011, the Tomorrow’s Hope initiative was birthed in honor of a 17-year-old sexually exploited girl who was brutally killed by a predator looking for young prostitutes (see Hope 130 video for her story).
We are a ministry that is dependent on volunteers. Our volunteers come from area churches that go through 12 hours of training before joining a team. Once they are assessed and have clear an FBI background check they are assigned to a specialty team within Tomorrow’s Hope. In their teams our volunteers receive continual specialty training that will equip them with skills that will make them effective in the work of intervention and prevention
Tomorrow’s Hope is a program of the Transformation Network, a ministry focused on bringing transformation through justice and prayer. To know more about the Transformation Network and it’s ministries, please visit www.transformationpdx.net.
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