What We Do

Our Mission
Through intervention and prevention; 
keep the most at risk youth out of the clutches of the sex trade.
Tomorrow’s Hope is a sex trafficking intervention and prevention ministry of the Transformation Network, a 501(c)(3) ministry focused on bringing transformation through prayer and acts and of justice. In 2011, the Tomorrow’s Hope initiative was birthed in honor of a 17-year-old sexually exploited girl who was brutally killed by a predator looking for young prostitutes (see Hope 130 video for her story).
The Portland Metro area from southwest Washington to the sleepy suburbs south of the city hasstrip_bars_sex_shows a problem; it has become a hub for the sexual exploitation of children and women. Young girls are enticed, seduced and recruited by pimps at our malls, school, at parties, in public transit, under age clubs, parks and through social media. 
However the number one target of pimps, traffickers and sexual predators are runaway girls and boys. As many as 90% of trafficked youth in America are runaways. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children say that three out of four runaways will be approached by a pimp or a sexual predator and that this recruitment takes place in the first 72 hours after a child runs away. Therefore, Tomorrow’s Hope focuses on the recovery of runaways. Our mission is to find the missing child and reconnect them back to a safe place within those first 72 hours. To know more about the services we offer parents and families of runaways, please click here.
Our multidisciplinary teams come alongside families of a runaway or at risk missing child and help them put into place the best practices that have been proven to increase the odds of having the child found and recovered. Our team also coordinates and performs active searches for the child and helps put together broadcast, print and social media campaigns. We also come alongside the family and provide moral support, a listening ear and help them find professional resources to assist the family in finding the roots of runaway episodes.
Other Services Tomorrow’s Hope Provides:
Rapid Response Extraction Team. This is a service to partner agencies and ministries that bring women and girls out of prostitution. Tomorrow’s Hope offers a team that is able to safely move the prostituted person from where they are working to an agency’s shelter, safe house or other locations without putting the person leaving prostitution at risk. If you are an agency or ministry needing this assistance, please contact our director at 503-933-9418.
Safe Passage Service. We have a team who will come at the request of a minor who finds themselves in a where they may be at risk for sexual exploitation, and take them to a safe place. This can be very helpful in removing minors from the presence and influence of recruiters and pimps.