Get Help Finding Your Child

When a child is reported missing, emotions become raw, which can hinder the ability of parents to make rational decisions. Yet, the actions of parents and of law enforcement in the first 72 hours are critical to the safe recovery of a missing child. When facing a traumatic event, the brain can shut down and keep a person from making needed choices and decisions that assist in bringing the child home. Knowing what to do, what others can do, and where to go for help will not only expedite the search and recovery of your child, it also will help to ease the emotional and financial burden of the search. Tomorrow’s Hope helps families during the crucial first 72 hours make these wise and effective decisions and helps them take the right steps towards increasing the odds of seeing their child come home. 

What We Do

If you are in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area, here are the services we provide for families of runaway and missing children:
  • ?  Family Services team dispatched to the home the child ran away from to initiate the best strategies to find the child and have them returned to a safe place. 
  • ?  Our intelligence team will collect data that help us put together a search strategy.
  • ?  We will coordinate searches with both our team and volunteers from the community.
  • ?  Our family services and outreach team will walk daily with the family through the steps put together by the US Justice Department that increase the chances of having the child found.
  • ?  Moral support for the family during the difficult days of not knowing where the missing child is. 
  • ? Referral to community resources that would best serve the needs of the family and the child upon return and recovery of the child. 
At this time Tomorrow’s Hope only has the capacity to assist families of missing and runaway minors in the Portland Metro area, including a good portion of Clark County, Washington. We do so at no charge to the family. Our reward is knowing that we have kept a runaway or missing child from being exploited. At this time we are unable to directly offer our service to those outside of this area; we can however post your child’s info on this website and on our social media pages.  If you like to enlist our help in recovering a runaway or missing child please read this entire page.

Engaging Our Help

Tomorrow’s Hope has strategies to get a missing child back to safety.  Those strategies are the most successful we start working with the family as soon as possible after the child turns up missing or runs away. We work on a case by case basis, so we ask that parent or guardian would fill out an intake sheet that has been developed to increase the odds of finding your child. This form needs to be filled out before Tomorrow’s Hope will commit to working the case.
NOTE:  Due to a technical problem we are having to change with the way we do the intake process we are changing the procedures by which you submit an intake form.  If you have tried to engage our help in the past 3 months, please know we are not ignoring you, but due to technical problems on the webpage, chances are that your request did not make it to our office.  So,  we are streamlining the process for you to engage our services. Please follow the instructions given below.   
If your child is missing outside the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA metro area,  please submit the following information via email to the address given below:
       o   Latest picture
       o   Full name, birthdate, height, weight, color of eyes, color and length of hair.
       o   Last seen information (include time and location and what they were wearing)  and brief statement of conditions surrounding
            disappearance, for example “was last seen with a street youth named Lucky”.
       o   The name of the Police Agency in charge of the case including telephone number and any detective or officer assigned to the case with
             their number.

       o   Your name,  best phone and email to reach you.
Email all this info to  We will respond to your email with both a phone call and email and send you a link to where you can fill out the intake form that gives our team the information needed to work on your case.
If you are not personally trying to engage our service but you have have questions about our ministry, please email us at or call our director Steve Trujillo at 503-933-9418.