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Our Mission
Through intervention and prevention; 
keep the most at risk youth out of the clutches of the sex trade.
Tomorrow’s Hope is a sex trafficking intervention and prevention ministry of the Transformation Network, a 501(c)(3) ministry focused on bringing transformation through prayer and acts and of justice. In 2011, the Tomorrow’s Hope initiative was birthed in honor of a 17-year-old sexually exploited girl who was brutally killed by a predator looking for young prostitutes (see Hope 130 video for her story).
The Portland Metro area from southwest Washington to the sleepy suburbs south of the city hasstrip_bars_sex_shows a problem; it has become a hub for the sexual exploitation of children and women. Young girls are enticed, seduced and recruited by pimps at our malls, school, at parties, in public transit, under age clubs, parks and through social media. 
However the number one target of pimps, traffickers and sexual predators are runaway girls and boys. As many as 90% of trafficked youth in America are runaways. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children say that three out of four runaways will be approached by a pimp or a sexual predator and that this recruitment takes place in the first 72 hours after a child runs away. Therefore, Tomorrow’s Hope focuses on the recovery of runaways. Our mission is to find the missing child and reconnect them back to a safe place within those first 72 hours. To know more about the services we offer parents and families of runaways, please click here.
Our multidisciplinary teams come alongside families of a runaway or at risk missing child and help them put into place the best practices that have been proven to increase the odds of having the child found and recovered. Our team also coordinates and performs active searches for the child and helps put together broadcast, print and social media campaigns. We also come alongside the family and provide moral support, a listening ear and help them find professional resources to assist the family in finding the roots of runaway episodes.
Other Services Tomorrow’s Hope Provides:
Rapid Response Extraction Team. This is a service to partner agencies and ministries that bring women and girls out of prostitution. Tomorrow’s Hope offers a team that is able to safely move the prostituted person from where they are working to an agency’s shelter, safe house or other locations without putting the person leaving prostitution at risk. If you are an agency or ministry needing this assistance, please contact our director at 503-933-9418.
Safe Passage Service. We have a team who will come at the request of a minor who finds themselves in a where they may be at risk for sexual exploitation, and take them to a safe place. This can be very helpful in removing minors from the presence and influence of recruiters and pimps. 



Get Involved

Volunteer with Tomorrow’s Hopevolunteer2

Volunteer Orientation – Volunteer Orientation – Volunteer Orientations are held twice a year and will be posted here on this site 3 months ahead of time. Going through the volunteer orientation is the first step for getting involved with Tomorrow’s Hope. This is a meeting where you will learn more about our ministry and what it takes to become a team member. Attending this Orientation is not a commitment to join Tomorrow’s Hope.   The next orientation will take place on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at 10 AM.
Please click here to fill out and submit the online Volunteer Orientation sign-up if you wish to attend the next volunteer orientation. You will then receive further details as the date draws closer. Thank you for your interest in Tomorrow’s Hope!
Application Form – If you are interested in serving with this ministry we recommend that you go ahead and fill out and submit your application online. To do so, click here. You may also download an Application Form and send it in to the address below.
All applicants must attend orientation, go through an FBI background check, take personality assessment test and go through basic training before being assigned to a team. Please take time to read the descriptions of the teams below as you will be asked to rate your interest in serving in these areas on the application.  
Mail completed applications to:   
Tomorrow’s Hope
PO Box 8561
Portland, OR 97207

Teams of Tomorrow’s Hope

The success of Tomorrow’s Hope ministry depends on specialized teams of people all working together for a common goal; to bring someone who is at risk to a place of renewed hope, safety, and success.
Volunteers will serve in one of the following teams:
Family Services Unit
The Family Services team comes alongside families of a missing or runaway child and supports them and equips them to do the best practices that will bring their child home in the shortest amount of time as possible.
Intelligence Team
This team works with the information collected from parents and guardians of runaways and missing kids to put together the best possible search strategies. They will also be involved in the search. This team will also identify current trends and changing techniques of traffickers in the metro area. They identify the hotspots for recruitment so that outreach teams can work those areas, they also work to provide intelligence and security for the both the Rapid Response and Extraction Teams.
Outreach Workers
Outreach workers are female volunteers that do our outreach to at risk youth. Due to safety reasons we don’t post what these outreach activities are. The ladies on this team also serve on the Rapid Response and Extraction Teams.
Rapid Response and Extraction Team
This team is made up of outreach and intelligence team volunteers. They have a two-fold mission; safely remove minor girls from situations where they are at risk of exploitation and to provide transport services for women seeking to escape out of prostitution and enter a safe house, shelter, treatment or other safe places.
Safe House
A safe house is a place a young woman 16 and older can stay up to 14 days in order to stabilize her from unsafe living situations. They play the role of parents in the young person’s life, and if all parties agree could open their home for a longer stay. This home is not for a safe house for children who have been sexually exploited but for those who are at risk.  Any young person staying at this home must first clear a background check.  We do not harbor runaways.   
Post-Care Homes
This homes that would provide a room to rent for girls leaving a safe house and transitioning into working or school. They provide stability and a sense of accountability and connection as the girl adapts to her new lifestyle.
Resource and Partnership Development
This teams works on building relationships with social service agencies and ministries that offer what the girls need areas of physical, medical, educational emotional, behavioral and spiritual health. They will maintain a database of resources and partners that the care team, outreach and family services teams will use to help the girl and their family identify appropriate services.
Funding Development Team
Function: Help structure the budget of the ministry and develop funding partners throughout the region that will ensure the ministry can carry out its mission. 



You can partner with Tomorrow’s Hope and support our efforts by donating online today. All donations are processed through PayPal secure services. You can give a one time tax deductible donation to support Tomorrow’s Hope or join HOPE 130 our monthly giving campaign through our Donation page.
If you would like someone to come to your church or organization to speak about our work or Hope 130, please contact us at 503-933-9418.

Support Tomorrow’s Hope

Thank you for partnering with us to support our effort to make a difference in the lives of at-risk and rescued girls, bringing hope and restoration. Here are ways you can give:

Contribute Nowheart_hands

The most effective way to contribute to the work we’re doing is to donate money towards our efforts. You can give a one time tax deductible donation right now to Tomorrow’s Hope and its work through PayPal secure services. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a one time donation; you can use your debit or credit card.** 
Simply enter the amount you wish to donate and click the “Donate” button.
You can also mail in your donation to Tomorrow’s Hope at the address below: 

Tomorrow’s Hope
PO Box 8561
Portland, OR 97207

HOPE 130 Monthly Giving Plan 

You can make a monthly commitment to support Tomorrow’s Hope; just choose the amount you wish to donate monthly and click on the Subscribe button below. You can then follow the instructions to set up your automatic payment plan by first creating a PayPal account if you do not have one. Your contribution can be set up to be taken regularly from your credit or debit card each month;your account will be debited monthly on the day of the month you sign up. You can set up deductions from your bank account through PayPal as well. If you wish to contribute an amount not offered below, please contact us.**
You can also set up recurring monthly deductions through your bank account through Bill Pay, which is a free service through many banks. Contact your bank for set-up details. 
** Your credit card will debited by the Portland International House of Prayer (PIHoP). The PIHoP has now become the Transformation Network; Tomorrow’s Hope is a DBA of this organization. PIHoP is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.
Your records and all personal information will be kept confidential and
not shared with any other ministry or organization, nor made public.


Email: info@tomorrows-hope.net                                                                                               

Phone: 503-933-9418girls_restored

Mailing Address: PO Box 8561,  Portland, OR  97207

Thank you for your interest in Tomorrow’s Hope and the work we do. Please contact us with any comments or questions you have.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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